A total of eleven CASIO projectors that do not include mercury lamps have been awarded the TCO certificate. The TCO certificate is an independent, international verification of sustainability for IT products and is awarded by TCO Development — a Swedish non-profit organisation for the development of quality standards. The seal of approval is recognised worldwide and helps consumers to recognise high quality standards and environmental protection standards for IT equipment. It therefore promotes the distribution of sustainable methods of production and consumption. Every product that is submitted for certification must fulfil all of the sustainability requirements and is tested, checked and verified accordingly by independent third parties. After the seal has been awarded, TCO also regularly checks and monitors whether the manufacturer is still adhering to the sustainability requirements.

Advantages of TCO

“We are proud that our projectors and light sources do not contain any mercury. As a leading manufacturer of projectors with laser and LED hybrid light sources, we are conscious of our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact, which is why we avoid mercury in our products and are reducing our power consumption and CO2 emissions. At CASIO, we are continuing to optimise the light source technology for our projectors without lamps.”

Tetsuro Ono, General Manager, Projector Department, Overseas Sales Division, Global Marketing Headquarters, CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.

TCO Certified, generation 8, is the next step toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products

TCO Certified, generation 8 encourages a circular approach to the production and consumption of IT products by demanding durable products that can be repaired, upgraded and recycled. We take a large step forward in supply chain responsibility with sharper criteria, increased monitoring in high risk factories and by following up on corrective action plans in an even more efficient way. (Quoted from here)

CASIO wants to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals with obtaining TCO Certified, generation 8 for projectors.

Overview of the requirements

The requirements are based on all phases of the product lifecycle, which means that sustainability requirements are specified for the production phase, the usage of the product and its disposal. The requirements incorporate aspects such as reduced environmental impact, social responsibility during production, ergonomics as well as health and safety:

Requirements in the production phase

Social responsibility during production, a certified environment management system, conflict minerals and sustainability information.

Requirements during usage of the product

Climate issues, ergonomics and working conditions, health, safety and emissions, lifespan and sustainability information (indication of energy consumption)

Requirements for disposal

Limiting the amount of dangerous substances and chemicals in the product and packaging, take-back of waste appliances, preparation for recycling and sustainability information (indication of total weight)

Sustainable perfection without mercury: Projectors from CASIO

CASIO began using laser and LED hybrid light sources in all of its projectors in 2010. This means it no longer uses lamps containing mercury. Eleven mercury-free projectors have been awarded the globally recognised TCO seal of approval.